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Are you worried about your device of getting hacked? Do you always have a fear in your mind about your online data at being risk? If yes, then worry no more because McAfee has you covered. In today’s world, where there are innumerable smart devices, it is essential to keep them away from the prying eyes. Because you never know when your smart device could become the cause of a problem in your life.

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For the past several years, the people using the Internet have increased manifolds, and simultaneously the threat of becoming a victim of online breaches, data theft, and identity theft has also taken pace. Several studies done by McAfee’s research team have shown that number of cyber criminal activities is increasing day by day.

Cyber-crooks leave no stone upturned to hack into your system. Therefore, you should take precautions before it is too late. For this purpose, you may choose McAfee Total Protection or any other product of McAfee to secure your devices from getting infected and your online accounts from getting hacked.

What is

Whenever a user buys a product of McAfee or its subscription, the first thing he needs to do is visit the URL Here, he can create a McAfee account, redeem his product key, and get started with the ultimate product usage process. By navigating to this link, you can go to several other important pages related to McAfee activation.

How to create a McAfee account?

Before moving ahead to the main activation process, you need to first sign up at the official McAfee platform. Without creating an account, you can neither redeem your product key nor you can deploy your software. Here’s how you can create an account on McAfee:

  1. Begin by navigating to the home page of McAfee i.e.
  2. After this, hover your mouse over the ‘My Account’ tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Sign In’ option.
  4. Further, to create a new account, click on ‘New User? Register Now’.
  5. Fill in the required details in the registration form such as your full name, valid email address, and set a new password.
  6. Once you are done, click on the ‘Login’ option.

Log in to your McAfee account with these steps

Once you sign up successfully, you can log in to your account to continue the deployment process:

  1. Again, go the home page of McAfee activate.
  2. Now, take the pointer of your mouse on ‘My Account’.
  3. Here, you need to tap on the ‘Sign In’ option.
  4. Now, in the first space enter your email address.
  5. In the next one, enter the password and click on the ‘Login’ option.

What is McAfee activate product key?

Whenever you buy a paid version of any software, application, or program, you are provided with an activation code. This ensures that you have purchased the product through license means. The same is the case with McAfee products. Users get a product key with which they can later activate the product. McAfee activate product key is of 25 alphanumeric characters which are case-sensitive.

How to locate and redeem the product key?

  • In case you have made an online purchase of the software, then you will find the product key in the registered email address in the welcome message from McAfee. You just need to copy the product key from here and paste it whenever prompted during the deployment process.
  • In case you have purchased the retail card, then it can be found on the backside of the retail card under the silver coating. To reveal the key, you need to scratch this coating and use it for the activation.

To redeem the product key:McAfee Activate

  1. First of all, go to
  2. After this, click on the ‘Account’ option present in the menu of the upper-right corner.
  3. After this, tap on ‘Redeem your retail card’.
  4. On the new page, enter your activation code.
  5. Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ option.

Your product key is now linked to your account and it’s time to download, install, and activate the antivirus software.

Download McAfee Security with these easy steps

Follow the steps given below carefully to download your McAfee product:

  1. In the first step, you need to go to, the official website of McAfee.
  2. After this, you need to enter the McAfee product key in the given field.
  3. Further, you need to complete the sign-in process.
  4. For this, enter your registered email address as well as the password.
  5. Now, choose the McAfee product you wish to download.
  6. Next, click on the ‘Download’ button present next to your desired product.
  7. In case you have redeemed the product key, you can directly click on the link “Download your software”.

Install McAfee security in a quick way

Once the downloading of the product comes to an end, it’s time to install it:

  1. Locate the .exe file in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device.
  2. Once you get your hands on it, right-click on the file.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Install’ option when you see it.
  4. As soon as you click on this option, your product will start installing.
  5. Now, you have to complete the final activation stage.

Activate your McAfee products with these guidelines

The activation process varies for Windows and Mac, therefore, you need to follow the steps separately.

McAfee activate on Windows:

  1. On your desktop, locate the red-colored McAfee icon.
  2. Now, double-click on the icon.
  3. Further, enter the login credentials when prompted.
  4. Wait for the activation to begin
  5. Now, your product is activated and you can start using it.

McAfee activate on Mac

  1. Locate the McAfee activation icon and double-click on it.
  2. Now, complete the McAfee login process when prompted.
  3. Next, you will be asked to enter the Mac admin details.
  4. In the next step, enter the serial number of the product.
  5. After entering the key, click on the ‘Finish’ option.

How to uninstall McAfee products?

In case, your McAfee product is not working properly and you are unable to install the latest updates on it, then you may uninstall and reinstall the software. But, users are recommended to install McAfee security immediately after they uninstall it for receiving the uninterrupted protection.

  1. First of all, you need to click on the ‘Start’ button of your device.
  2. In the search bar, you have to type ‘Control Panel’.
  3. When the control panel opens, click on the ‘Programs’ option.
  4. In the Programs tab, select ‘Programs and Features’.
  5. Now, you will see a list of install programs.
  6. From this list, you need to locate the entry of McAfee antivirus.
  7. Now, long press on it or right-click on it.
  8. Select ‘Uninstall’ from the drop-down menu.

After uninstalling the product, you have to navigate to the page and reinstall your software. In case you are unable to follow any step or you find any hurdles, then you may go through the support articles on the official website. Visit:- “AOL Mail Login