Windows 10 lost its antivirus protection because of the latest update

Windows 10 is one of the most used and deployed operating systems as compared to others. It keeps rolling updates from time to time so that users can stay one step ahead in this technological era. With its updates, Windows comes up with several bug fixes and patches. But this time, its update has not brought happiness to its users.

Update 10

The long-run antivirus protection on their devices is no longer there. It has brought a huge problem to Windows Defender. Those users who do not know about Windows Defender, it is in-built antivirus software that is present in Windows 10. This program is just like any other antivirus software such as McAfee and so on.

The update which exploited this security is known as Security Intelligence 1.313.1638.0. When a user installs this update on his device, he comes across several error messages including “Threat service has stopped. Restart now,” and “Unexpected error. Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please try again.” This doesn’t let you scan your pc for viruses or other threats which is ultimately bringing a number of PCs at risk.

Bring back the antivirus security to your Windows 10 device

In case you are relying upon Windows Defender to provide it the much-needed protection, then you should try to fix this issue as soon as possible. When you install an update on Windows 10, you cannot undo it which means you cannot uninstall it. But, there is a solution to every problem and you can fix this problem too.

In this scenario, performing a System Restore can help you. But, just doing this is not enough. You need to perform it to a previous date when you installed the previous update. Doing this will probably resolve the issue.

To do this, you just need to type System Restore in the search box of your device. Further, you can need to tap on ‘Create a restore point’. When a new window opens, you need to click on ‘System Restore’. After this, you need to click on the ‘Next’ option and then choose a point from the list that is before April 16. Now, you can scan for programs that were affected by this update.

Other than this, you can opt for another antivirus software such as Total Protection to protect your device from harmful threats. Make sure to read and review the details of the update you are going to install.

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