Stay protected from Identity theft this Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving days are on and the holiday season has begun. We all know on holidays we become stressful for us and we plan our list of to-do works accordingly. In the meanwhile, we visit the online shopping apps and sometimes we do not consider some pop-ups and websites can be harmful and trigger our identity. Despite considering we unintentionally visit the websites that can harm our data and device will malware and virus-infected contents.


That’s how the cybercriminals get the idea to hack your accounts with fake websites, accounts, and advertisements. They come up with ad pop-ups that include luring offers and schemes that make you visit that particular website for once. The scammers put across a lot of efforts to create fake accounts and target new customers around the holiday period. So, without any delay let us start with the safety measures to keep in mind this thanksgiving 2020.

Measures to stay protected in Thanksgiving 2020

It is highly recommended for you to take a little time this holiday season to ensure online safety measures. This thanksgiving 2020 is all about celebrating the holiday season without ant sadness of your account being hacked. Here are a few simple instructions that you can follow to protect your online identity from scammers and hackers:-

  1. Think twice before clicking on the links

With the increase in cyber-crimes and scams to happen the most important thing is to think twice before clicking the links of anonymous websites that can redirect to a page having virus infected content. Despite clicking the links in an email one should check the source of information from an authentic website.

  1. Use different passwords for different accounts

It is always recommended to use different passwords for different accounts as hackers can put their hands on your valuable account details and information and if your one account is hacked it is possible that your other accounts get lined up to be hacked. You can reduce the risk of hacking by doing so.

  1. Invest in security software such as McAfee

You need to install comprehensive security software such as McAfee antivirus that offers complete protection for every device. It builds a defensive fortress against every suspicious activity that has the capacity to harm your device with malicious attacks and infections. McAfee also blocks websites that are harmful to access. So, for Thanksgiving 2021, McAfee is all set to have a perfect security solution to offer you.

  1. Consider VPN as an integral part of protecting data

If you have a security solution like McAfee Safe connect that is equipped with bank-grade encryption, private browsing services and the other security programs that will keep your information safe and protected from the cyber attacks. So, this Thanksgiving 2020 offers the latest information that will keep you safe even when you check emails or do online shopping on the public Wi-Fi networks.

Wrapping up:-

It is fine to say that the holiday season is all about the offers on online products and that is when cyber-crime comes into action. The hackers look for your account credentials and the websites you visit quite often and there you go they offer you fake gift cards that will lure you but it’s a trap. So, you should go for McAfee antivirus software so that it scans the harmful and malicious websites and then send you prior alerts so that you do not visit on such websites. McAfee will have more offers for the Thanksgiving 2020 year, stay upgraded.

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