How To Prevent McAfee From Slowing UP Your Device?

McAfee activate has been a popular antivirus for many years because of its anti-spamming and virus removal features. Moreover, the various other features of McAfee products help in the overall protection of your PC. Although McAfee is must-have software, sometimes it starts creating hassle in your work. Usually, the most annoying thing that can happen to your PC is its slow-speed. When you know the reason behind the slow speed of your computer is McAfee, and then you might want to uninstall it from your device.

Uninstalling McAfee from your device could not be the apt solution to speed up your computer, but you can still do certain things to cope-up with the situation. The constant interference and hogging of the processor time could actually be rectified if you maintain a balance between the use of system resources and the level of virus protection.

Steps to boost up the speed of your computer

Go through the easy-to-follow steps mentioned below in order to get rid of the slow speed issues created by McAfee:

  1. The first step includes disabling your product. This is required because the enabled software might not permit you to make changes in the settings.

(Note: you should enable McAfee activate only when you are visiting untrusted websites. For loading familiar web pages on which you have full trust, you should avoid enabling it.)

  1. Prevent the antivirus software from eating up your storage space as soon as you open your PC. For this,
    1. Go to the “Start” menu and type “msconfig” in the search box.
    2. When the program opens, you have to run it.
    3. Now, move to the “Startup” tab.
    4. Here, you have to un-select all the boxes that are in any way associated or linked with McAfee. This action will prevent McAfee from using system resources.
  2. After disabling the antivirus programs, you can again run it to scan and detect for the virus intrusion as well as removal. It is recommended that you scan the PC only at the end of the day and keep McAfee disabled throughout the day. This action will prevent the software from interfering and slowing down your computer.

In a conclusive viewpoint-

Implementing this measure in your daily life might help to get rid of the issue only if you take them seriously. If these measures do not prove to be helpful, there might be some other reasons for the slow speed of your computer. You can also take the help of trained professionals to fix various errors associated with the products of McAfee.

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