McAfee sees a spike in COVID-19 themed scams and malware

Even during these tough times, scammers are not stopping from accomplishing their evil tasks. Despite this, they are considering this to be an opportunity to make big profits by scamming people with their newly created COVID-19 theme. Not only the coronavirus-related scams are increasing but also the Powershell threats are growing manifolds. A team of researchers available at has been investing in the new malware that is being used more than 10% on average. Apart from that, it is also witnessing the availability of new ransomware in the digital world.

As we can clearly see around us that the whole world is trying its bit to adjust owing to the pandemic, but the scammers are not ready to adjust, not even a bit. The security threats are continuously evolving and taking a more complex shape than ever. The biggest threat has been posted to the enterprises because this sector is the one that is working more remotely than ever. The scammers are creating ransomware and malware for the apps that are being widely used by remote workers. This malware tries to get into your network as well as data that ultimately leads to huge loss of money and the essential data of companies gets vulnerable.

What is actually the COVID-19 themed threat?

Since we know that a lot of people are working from home during the pandemic that is why the attackers are considering this to be an opportunity for implementing their schemes. They have recently launched the themed attacks which are targeting people from all over the world especially those who are working remotely. Owing to this situation, the team has seen a 605% increase in scams.

Some common threats witnessed

  • The PowerShell threats

The team of researchers has seen a great spike in the Powershell attacks. Using this, the scammers can easily insert a malicious code into the victims’ device using the complete legal process so that it doesn’t look like an attack.

  • Mobile threats

As we can easily see that a large group of people is nowadays using mobile phones. Owing to this fact, scammers send such SMS to the users’ phone that it might make their bank accounts by stealing the essential financial information present over it.

  • New age ransomware

Te ransomware attacks also grew manifolds during the lockdown as people were not able to recognize if the link, virus, or program is legitimate or illegitimate.


Apart from the surge in these sectors, the attackers also gained access to cloud-connected devices. However, if one takes precautions, he will be secured from falling prey to any such threat in the near future. In case you aren’t using a holistic device solution, then without further ado, you should switch to the McAfee security solution available at There are different kinds of McAfee products available on their platform making it easier for the users to choose between different products.

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