McAfee MVISION is all set to secure user activity in Microsoft Teams

McAfee MVISION, a development of provides all-round comprehensive protection to Microsoft Teams now. It provides features such as data detection, collaboration control features, threat protection, monitoring of user activity, and so on. The device-to-cloud security providing brand has encrypted webhooks, payloads, and other security features enabling several companies to improve their productivity.

When McAfee gets combined with Microsoft Teams, the work done by employees is secured in an encrypted platform because it has activity monitoring capabilities. They can also securely connect with each other for team meetings, engage in calls, share documents, and other business-related stuff with each other. This was all possible because of McAfee MVISION Cloud.  When you keep on updating Microsoft Teams, you will see that McAfee MVISION Cloud comes along with it because this is the only certified software that is certified for Microsoft Teams.

Nowadays, as we know that, working from home has taken a new angle, many of us have a fear of losing our data. Teams are used by many users around the corners of the world for integration, therefore, it is more than important to secure organizational data.

Working from home has become a new reality for many as more and more companies are requesting that their staff work remotely.  Teams, the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, integrates the people, content, and tools employees need to be more engaged and effective. In a single day, over 900 million meetings and calling minutes have taken place using Teams. Therefore, it becomes the primary duty of an employer to teach its employees on digital security, which is best with McAfee software downloaded via

Statements recorded by senior vice president of McAfee

A statement delivered by Rajiv Gupta, who is a senior vice president and general manager of Cloud Security, McAfee says it all.  According to him “Effective collaboration allows organizations to accelerate business. However, it is critical to have the right guardrails in place to protect from accidental data leakage or misuse”.  In his statement, he also said that “McAfee MVISION Cloud provides these capabilities for Microsoft Teams, assuring that only the right data is shared with the appropriate internal and external parties. This helps protect corporate data and intellectual property, and meet governance, risk, and compliance policies thus enabling effective and safe collaboration.”

What’s new about Data Security

The all-new McAfee MVISION provides high-end security including DLP policies to messages and files in all types of Teams channels. It also extends security to policies based on keywords, fingerprints, data identifiers, regular expressions, and metadata. It not only blocks the sharing of data but also restricts messages by specific users. You can also enable the auditing option, policy violation, notifications, and so on. On top of that, you can also delete user actions and autocorrecting options are also available for employees. This reduces the burden of the IT Security Team and others leading to higher organizational growth. And finally, there are auto-threat detection options available in products developed by

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