‘Ghost’ data service announced by John McAfee

The tech veteran and the owner if McAfee antivirus solutions that can be availed by mcafee.com/activate announced the launch of first ghost data services for its users. John McAfee recently made an announcement that he is launching the world’s first fully private mobile data service which he named as ghost data service.

He has been a technology legend for long and two-time presidential candidate. He used to work in the field of developing technology and allowing people to stay ahead. Online breached in the time of coronavirus with the latest updates in its security solutions.

Recently he became the talk of the town by announcing the world’s first 4G data service that according to him cannot be traced by anybody anyhow. He gave this data service an interesting name that is ‘The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service’. This service operates through an electronic SIM technology just like you do it with other data services.

With this SIM, you can easily connect to a special data service with the help of your cell phone. And, the most amazing thing about it is that the SIM used in receiving this service is not a physical SIM card.

How does the ghost data service work?

It is made by using a number of special technologies which are constructed in such a manner that it cannot be traced by anybody. This feature of a new SIM technology shall be loved by all but there’s a catch. This service can be only availed in a few smartphones. Only the supported phones shall be able to access this 4G network. The smartphones on which this technology shall be available are world’s most popular phone models. This shall include headsets offered by Google, Samsung, and iPhone.

Another interesting fact about this service is that you do not need to provide your personal information. Order to access the services. The service is completely prepaid and does not include any contract. On the contrary, you just need to scan a QR code to access the services and connect it.

The special service is included in McAfee’s new Ghost ecosystem in which there are several other services as well. This ecosystem also includes Ghost cryptocurrency and the GhostX Exchange and now this data service.

Now, John Mcafee activate, the tech giant is looking for those could take part in its beta-testing stage and the service shall be available to the general public by the month of September.

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